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December 13, 2021 at 10:12PM

First tournament in 22 months. Unfortunately caught covid 2 week before the tournament. I did my best but not the result I wanted. I will be back for 2022.

I want thank my coach my professor @vicentebjj for being there for me. On and off the mat the mat. Thank you Professor @michaelmehlbjj push me every training session we have. my @vicentejrteam teammates who always give me their 100% every roll.

Thank you my conditioning coach CQ and thank you my lifting coach DH .

Big Big Thanks to @damongee and the @knoxxgear for getting me the best gi and gear!

Lastely I want to thank my grandma and dad @neoprodigy for supporting me everyday // #vicentejr #vicentejrteam #covidsucks